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It Happens Here

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A Virginia Tech student organization dedicated to raising awareness about sex trafficking. We partner with and fundraise for a local safe home in Roanoke, Virginia. Lastly, we are dedicated to seeing legislation change in Virginia and the United States.

Fall 2016 - Virginia Tech Homecoming

It Happens Here started as my platform for Virginia Tech Homecoming fall 2016. Homecoming at VT is different, as each candidate uses the weeks leading up to homecoming to raise support for a cause. My campaign raised awareness that sex trafficking happens in the USA, even locally. We partnered with an organization in Roanoke, VA and raised $1,200 through selling shirts. 

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Spring 2017 - Continuing the Effort

After talking with hundreds of students and reaching thousands through Facebook during homecoming, we saw the need to continue the effort of It Happens Here. We decided to launch a student organization to continue the impact.


It Happens Hair

Our first major event as an organization was a fund raiser. 
I used to have a massive afro (30months without a haircut). I let the campus vote on what I did with my hair. Each vote was $1 and we donated all money to furnish 5 rooms in a safe home being built nearby. We ended up raising $4,570.


Fall 2017 - Update Video from the Safe Home


Total money raised so far: $5,770